Have you been Sugared yet?



Sugaring is a pure and natural way to remove unwanted facial hair

At the Centre of Wellness, we provide sugaring to unwanted facial hair, and over the arms. Unwanted dark and light fluffy hair on the face can be a distraction to the beautiful skin underneath.

Try this easy, quick and comfortable procedure now, and discover this superb alternative to your current threading or waxing. 

The Sugar is not tested on animals and contains NO harsh chemicals. There are no harmful side effects.

The Sugar is applied warm, just above body temperature making it safe for all body areas, even over spider veins. There is very little discomfort with Sugaring.

The hair is pulled out in the same direction as the hair growth, causing less hair breakage, and lessening the possibility of ingrown hairs. The Sugar wraps around the entire hair shaft, also lubricating the hair to make the extraction more complete and gentle.

The skin is beautifully soft afterwards, due to the gentle exfoliation that occurs.


Waxes contain many chemical ingredients, mostly resins and preservatives.

Hot and strip wax can be applied at temperatures between 48 and 63 degrees celsius, making the risk of burns and skin irritation much higher.

Depending on the skill of the therapist, there is between 15-30% breakage of hair shafts due to pulling of the wax in the opposite direction to hair growth. This can cause early and inconsistent regrowth and unsatisfactory outcome.

The skin is often irritated and sensitive after a waxing treatment.