ICON Laser

Laser system uses filtered and optimised light to deliver energy into the skin to target various skin concerns.


Melanin which is brown. This is found in hair and pigmentation spots.

Haemoglobin from blood, which is red. This is found in dilated and unsightly face and leg veins.

Water which is clear, and is found abundantly in collagen. This target is used when wrinkle erasure is needed, and skin rejuvenation is the aim.

The Laser is used for the following indications:

Skin Resurfacing
Surgical Scars & Acne Scars
Stretch Marks
Permanent Hair Reduction
Photofacials: Vascular & Pigmented Lesions
Leg Vein

Many laser systems are around, but Dr Mel employs the latest and best laser technology which is the most up to date and powerful technology available.

The Laser System is the next generation of aesthetic light-based systems – providing fast treatments with excellent outcomes.

The Laser features a world-first melanin reader called The SkintelTM, which is a device used to read the amount of melanin in the skin, allowing the operator to use the most effective – and safe peak power for your skin.

What does this mean for you?

Effective: The best tool is used by expert operators to bet the BEST result.

Cost effective: Treatments are optimised to allow for the least number of treatments to get a great result.

Good safety profile: Treatments are safe and kept within the limits of what your skin can handle.

ICON Hair Reduction

ICON Fractional Laser

ICON Photofacial

ICON Stretchmarks