Laser treatments during pregnancy


Changes during pregnancy are vast, and can include increased pigmentation on your face, as well as unusual new hair growth driven by hormonal changes.

Your initial concerns may drive you to ask for a laser treatment during pregnancy.

So what are the guidelines?

There are no studies that evaluate the safety of laser hair removal or face and pigmentation lasers during pregnancy. Many health care providers recommend avoiding lasers during pregnancy because of the lack of information about the effect on the fetus.

Also, importantly, the way your skin can react to lasers when you are pregnant is unpredictable. Your skin may be more sensitive, more prone to breaking out, and more prone to pigmenting at the slightest provocation. The laser may actually aggravate the situation.

Lastly, laser treatments are often not without pain. Pain reception is heightened during pregnancy, and you may find these lasers inexplicably painful.

So, overall, lasers of all kinds are recommended to be avoided during pregnancy. There will be lots of time for it afterwards, so hang in there!

(At the Centre of Wellness, the above guidelines also apply to Plexr Plasma skin tightening treatments)