Mesotherapy & Micro-needling:
Before & After your treatment

What you will need to purchase with your course:
  • Liquid collagen serum
  • Your choice of medical grade cover-up (Heliocare or Lycogel)
  • Good quality sunblock which needs to be used EVERY day, even in winter.
Before treatments:
  • Make sure you are not on any medications that are not permitted while having Microneedling. These include Warfarin, Roaccutane, corticosteroids in cream or tablet form, aspirin or anti-inflammatory tablets (such as myprodol, cataflam, nurofen), arnica, omega 3&6, high dose Vitamin E. If you are on any of them, please discuss this with the therapist or Doctor.
  • If you have any active skin infections including herpes simplex infections, or irritated skin in the area being treated, your treatment may have to be rescheduled for another time once it has healed.
  • Arrive 45 minutes before the time of the needling treatment to allow anaesthetic cream to be applied to your skin. If you are allergic to local anaesthetics, please inform the Doctor.
  • All make up needs to be removed prior to numbing cream being applied.
  • If you are doing PRP treatment with your needling, try to be in the best health possible: eat a health “clean” diet, avoid excessive alcohol, sugar and carbohydrates for 2 weeks prior to the treatment.
After treatments:

The day of the treatment:

  • Your face will be very red and inflamed. We will assist you with immediate application of medical cover-up.
  • You will remain very red. It will look like you have a sunburn.
  • Anything warm or hot will be very sensitive to your skin, even showering.

There is a risk of small pinprick bruises in certain areas after the needling treatments.

That night:
  • You may wash your face with a very soothing cleanser, and apply the liquid collagen serum and any other soothing cream. Check with your therapist to make sure your facial cleanser and cream is gentle enough.
  • ALL creams you apply now will sting and burn for a minute or 2. This is normal. If it does not settle, rinse it off.
  • The best first aid for your face is ice. Take it from your glass of wine if you are desperate!
  • You may take an anti-inflammatory if needed.
The next morning:
  • You will be quite red and swollen. Once again an ice pack will provide great relief.
  • You are permitted to apply the medical cover-up you have purchased to improve your appearance and cover up the redness.
  • Try as best to avoid sun exposure, and ALWAYS wear sunblock. This applies for the duration of the healing process, and the course of microneedling.
Going forward:
  • The liquid collagen must be applied 2-3 times per day for the first 3 days, then twice a day thereafter. Liquid collagen must be used for the duration of the needling or mesotherapy course to maximize results.
  • How long the redness and swelling lasts is very dependent on the individual patient. The expected timeframe is 3-7 days. Each day, the skin is much improved.
  • You can expect your skin to feel very dry, and some mild flaking may occur from about day 2/3.
  • We recommend a fruit acid peel with or without a facial at 2 weeks to remove any last dry skin, and bounce your skin back to its new radiance.
Further treatments
  • The protocol includes:
    • If you have never done needling before, or your skin has more dramatic signs of ageing, a course of 4-6 sessions, spaced 4-8 weeks apart.
    • For general skin improvement, 3 sessions of needling or Mesotherapy over a 12-month calendar period, with lighter treatments like fruit acid peels and facials in between.
    • PRP (platelet) treatments do not needed to be added every time. About twice per year would be sufficient (excluding treatments for hair loss, where more PRP is recommended)

Please call our rooms immediately if you are concerned on (011) 783-8289.

After hours, please call Dr. Melanie Lambrechts directly on 082 331 3939

Enjoy the result, and see you soon!