PLEXR – Soft Surgery

When surgery just seems like too big a step…consider Plexr


Plexr is a revolutionary tool capable of performing many procedures that would otherwise require expensive cosmetic and dermatological surgery. 

PLEXR is a revolutionary and patented innovation which has now embedded itself as a valuable tool in Aesthetic Medicine globally.

Plexr is a hand held device that uses a focused and controlled micro-beam of plasma energy to sublimate the superficial part of the skin (epidermis), without causing any damage to the underlying or adjacent tissues.

The Plexr Therapist is able to treat many skin concerns effectively, including:

  • Saggy top and bottom eyelids
  • Tightening of neck and abdominal skin
  • Scars including acne scars and keloids, and many other unsightly benign growths and lesions
  • It is also able to remove tattoos
  • Acne – active spots AND scarring
  • Stretch mark improvement
  • Lines & Wrinkles e.g. “smoker’s” peri-oral lines
  • Skin Lesions e.g. warts, xanthelasma, moles (flat or raised), age spo

Advantages vs. Surgery:

  • No injectable anaesthetic is required. The procedure is performed under topical anaesthesia only.
  • No cutting of skin. The is only plasma sublimation of the skin.
  • No stitches are required.
  • It is a very low risk procedure (NO risk of blindness as there is with surgery)
  • Minimal side effects and far less downtime
  • Quick and easy procedure performed in the clinic, taking about 30 minutes
  • No thinning of the skin. Collagen is stimulated to created stronger less lined skin.
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How does the Plexr work?

The Plexr hand piece generates a tiny plasma beam, much like a miniature lightning bolt. This leaves a tiny brown bot on the skin, which is a tiny area of sublimation of the skin. As this dot forms, it triggers instant contraction and tightening of collagen fibres in the area to create a tightening and rejuvenating effect.

Plasma is fourth state of matter (the others are solid, liquid and gas). Plasma beams involve the ionisation of gases contained in the air to create a small electrical “arc” (the miniature lightning bolt).

Plexr can be used to treat specific areas of concern without damaging the surrounding areas or applying any unwanted heat to them since the plasma beam remains very localized and does not penetrate much below the basement membrane of the skin (the layer between epidermis and dermis). Due to this shallow depth of penetration, plasma is better controlled than laser or diathermy.

Does it hurt?

There is some discomfort with the procedure, which is minimized using the application of a topical anaesthetic gel for 45 minutes before the procedure. Once the treatment is done, there is mild burning for about 24 hours afterwards. Cool compresses applied in the hours afterwards are very soothing.

Is there any downtime / recovery?

There is some downtime associated with the treatment. Swelling in the area should last for about 2-3 days. The tiny dots mature into miniature round scabs, which should be gone usually on day 5. These can be somewhat concealed with a concealer foundation. We suggest doing the treatment on a Thursday or Friday and by Monday you can cover the remainder of the scabs and go back to work as normal.

Am I Suitable for this Treatment?

A full consult with Dr. Mel, including a Visia Skin Analysis will help to decide if you are a good candidate for Plexr. Plexr is a very safe treatment in well-trained hands, and is suitable for all skin types (although with darker skin types, added care needs to be taken to prevent post-treatment hyper-pigmentation).

How long does it take?

The average treatment time is around 30 – 60 minutes but it will depend on what treatment you are having. This is preceded by 45 minutes of anaesthetic gel application before. So plan to be with us for about 90 minutes.

What kind of results can I expect?

What kind of result can I expect?
Depending on the amount of skin laxity present, the results of Plexr can be dramatic. It really is the only safe alternative to going for full eyelid surgery. Results are visible after 1 treatment however sometimes 2-3 treatments are required to achieve the best results. Instant results are visible once the scabs are off. Further skin tightening occurs over the following 6-12 weeks as the new collagen and elastin strands mature and tighten. The results are long-lasting.