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Plexr….the wrinkle eraser!!

So, it’s time for Dr Mel to sample one of the Centre of Wellness advanced treatments, and report back how it all went…..

My eyes feel stingy and water a bit, but it’s really not bad. I get to put an ice pack on the area while the other side gets done, and that really helps a lot. By the time the second eye is done, my first eye is swollen already!! Oh my gosh!

After the procedure, I get to but some Safyr Bleu eye drops on to the little dots, which stings a little, and then some Heliocare gel Light sunblock, which has a built-in tint, so I leave looking pretty ok.

For the rest of the day, there is mild stinging and heat-sensitivity, but otherwise….all ok!

That night, I can see I am already swelling, and I put more ice on, which brings some relief. I wash gently that night, and any touching of the dots hurts a little. The repeated application of the Safyr Bleu stings once again. I put no creams on the area, and go to bed.

Monday: Day 1

At 11am, I have mounds of anaesthetic cream on my eyelids. I have to sit with my eyes rested and closed for about 30 minutes to make sure it kicks in nicely. And from experience, I know that getting this anaesthetic in my eye is not fun – it burns! So when last have you spent 30 minutes with nothing to see or do? It’s weird! Makes you realize how BUSY we are all the time!

The treatment itself is surprisingly quick. We take some rapid before pictures, and then I’m on my back with eyes closed again. Some really strong antiseptic lotion wipes the cream off my very-numb eyelid (stings my eyes a bit). At first, I feel absolutely NOTHING! The cream is amazing! The only way I know something is happening is the fizzing sound I hear, and the not-so-pleasant smell of singed tissue. But as the minutes wear on, the cream starts to wear off, and the sensation is a mild sting. Near the end, it really starts to burn, but at no point is it so bad I would ask them to stop.

Tuesday: Day 2

Wow! When I wake up, my eyes are SWOLLEN! I look crazy! Half an hour with the ice on my eyelids, and I’m looking a lot better. I wash gently again (it stings), and put on the Safyr Bleu (it stings) and then my Heliocare again. The Heliocare covers it up nicely, and I’m off to work.

I get quite a few laughs during the day from clients, and lots of discussion about what I have done. I just make sure when I am at Woolies later, I keep my sunglasses on. Nobody even knows that anything has been done as I hide behind my Ray Bans! My eyes feel a bit misty, almost like I have conjunctivitis, and I blink a lot. I’d say it’s uncomfortable, but not painful.

I put ice on and off during the day, and it definitely helps. I also re-apply Heliocare to make sure the dots are covered up.

The swelling is the worst in the late afternoon, but there is no pain. And the stinging seems to be settling nicely when I touch the area. Washing that night is fine, and the Safyr Bleu doesn’t sting anymore. Yay!

Wednesday: Day 3

When I wake up I’m swollen again, but I decide to go for my 5.30am run anyway. The run and sweat actually helps the swelling, and it looks much better when I’m back! The scabs are thicker and more dense than yesterday, but today the swelling is starting to settle. With the Heliocare on, it looks like I have some crazy patterned eyeshadow on, but that’s all.

Today is easy, and I can feel the healing process is under way! No more ice needed, but I make sure I wash in the morning and evening, and apply the Safyr Bleu. I keep a nice layer of Heliocare on the whole day.

Thursday: Day 4

Swelling is MUCH better today, and almost not a feature. I can feel the little scabs cracking and starting to pop off. The skin underneath is red and flaky, but it’s exciting to see a change already! Applying the Heliocare is a bit more difficult due to so many scabs being loose. It looks a bit untidy, but I do it anyway….

Today is a breeze!

I keep at the Safyr Bleu which disinfects the area, and keeps it dry.

Friday: Day 5

I am really shedding today! The scabs are falling off in droves. I am careful not to scratch them, since they do itch a bit, and I don’t want to pop them off before they are ready. By the end of the day, 80% of the scabs are off! The skin underneath is really red, but I am gentle. Still more Safyr Bleu. No eye creams on the area yet.

Saturday: Day 6

By the end of the day, all the scabs are off! The skin is sensitive and very red. I will start a gentle moisturising eye cream tonight, but nothing with active anti-aging ingredients in it. I decide on my QMS Cellular Alpine. No more Safyr Bleu. The Heliocare covers up the redness very well, so I make sure I apply often. It’s looking GREAT!

Sunday: day 7

My eyes are looking great! The skin feels so nice and tight! The skin is loving the gentle moisturising. It’s still very red, but all looks ok, and I cover it up the whole day.

Monday: Day 8

I put on make-up for the first time this morning. I can feel the difference! My eyeshadow sits beautifully! My mascara doesn’t bump into my eyelid like it used to! The skin feels tight and plump! This is a win!


The procedure was easy and quick.

The swelling for the first 36 hours was severe, but I managed it no problem.

The scabs fell off so quickly.

I could not believe I healed so well in 1 week.

There is a visible difference in my eyes, and I can FEEL the tightness.

I can’t wait to do my under eyes!!