Pinnacle 40+

More men and women are conscious of their appearance and state of health and Well-being. Pinnacle 40+ is a Program designed to assist with people who are over 40 to improve their sense of wellness and anti-aging from the inside.

From about the age of 40 years in men, and 50 years in women, hormone levels begin to decline as part of the natural aging process.

In men this is know as ANDROPAUSE and in women, as MENOPAUSE.

These declining hormone levels culminate in feelings of poor health, decreased energy, loss of vitality and libido and a sense that life loses its vibrancy. We lose our mojo!

“Tailor-made medicine”

The Pinnacle 40+ Program involves:

Step 1:

An Integrative Health and Wellness Consultation with Dr. Melanie Lambrechts where she ascertains your exact symptoms, medical and surgical history and plans the route forward.

Step 2:

Go for your blood tests at Ampath Laboratories. These need to be done at 8am, and be performed FASTING (no food or drink from midnight)

Step 3:

A second consult with Dr. Mel to go through your blood results as see how they correlate with your symptoms. If any further tests are needed, you will be sent for those (examples of these are Food Intolerance Testing, DNAlysis) During this consult, a plan going forward will be created. This may include visiting other healthcare professionals like dieticians, physiotherapists, relationship therapists (as indicated)

Step 4:

About 6 weeks after you are on your new medication and supplements, a follow-up set of blood tests may be needed to measure your body’s response to the treatment. Any modifications to the treatment will be made.

Step 5:

A 6-monthly or yearly follow up with blood tests and a consultation insures the program remains optimal for your current stage of health.

A keen understanding by you, as the patient, needs to be that your health and wellness is in your hands. The program is designed to unwrap your vulnerable areas, and assist you with optimization.

The side effects of this “optimization” would be a deep sense of well-being, improved energy, vitality and mood, possible weight loss and increased body shape and strength.

Where the program takes you is really up to you – and how much you are willing to put in to it.

Dr. Mel remains involved with you over the months of your journey to act as a guide and sounding board for your transformation. She remains a source of information and support to keep you on track and get you out of the inevitable ruts along the way.

A wise man once said, “Make it your goal to be in the best shape of your life at 45. Then keep yourself strong. You only get 1 body. You owe it to yourself. You owe it to your family.”

Join us for a Journey to the Pinnacle of your health and wellness.

Wellness is within your grasp.

Sustained Wellness is your responsibility.