Intravenous Ozone-Saline drip

Ozone therapy


Ozone is a natural gaseous molecule made up of three oxygen atoms whereas the oxygen molecule, far more stable, is composed of only two atoms.

Christian Friedrich Schonbein (1799–1868) discovered ozone in 1840, when working with a voltaic pile in the presence of oxygen, noticed the emergence of a gas with an “electric and pungent smell” that could be a sort of “super-active oxygen”.

We can smell it during a thunderstorm because the electric discharge of lightning, between the clouds and the earth catalyzes the formation of ozone from atmospheric oxygen.


OZONE THERAPY involves a series of injections either in the form of an intravenous drip or multiple small injections into your body tissues; or infusions of ozone intra-rectally via a bag. The intention of doing ozone therapy is for wellness an improvement in health. Expected benefits from the OZONE THERAPY are unique to each individual depending on the area of weakness or illness in that patient, so what to expect is different for each person.

One of the magic properties of ozone is it’s strong antiseptic properties. Most bacteria, fungi and viruses cannot proliferate in the presence of ozone. For this reason, treating infections of the skin and gastrointestinal tract are very popular with various methods of ozone.

The ozone we give spreads throughout the body and catalyzes reactions around the body that create certain metabolic and physiologic effects.

Some of the POSSIBLE effects noted are (this list is not all inclusive):

  • Improvement in energy and decrease in fatigue. Energizes cells all over the body from the brain, heart, muscles to all internal organs.
  • Stimulates cells to generate internal energy in the form of intra-cellular ATP (energy)
  • Improvement in the immune system – immune modulation
  • Stronger immune system has many benefits, which includes helping fight infections and killing off cancer cells
  • Assists in teaching how the body to heal itself
  • Helps decrease inflammation in the body linked to many diseases from cancer, heart disease, arthritis, gastrointestinal diseases…and many more
  • Improvement in some skin rashes (including eczema, psoriasis, infections)
  • Possible improvement in internal infections
  • Improved exercise performance
  • Breakdown of fat (if direct fat injections are done), or ozone tries to teach the body how to burn fat as a fuel again (this is lost as we get older – our body “forgets” how)
  • Decrease in symptoms of illness (unique to that patient)
  • Some feelings like “detoxing” may also be felt
  • Some weight loss is possible


Every procedure involves a certain amount of risk, and it is important that you understand the risks involved.  An individual’s choice to undergo a procedure is based on the comparison of the risk to potential benefit.  Although the majority of patients do not experience these complications, you should discuss each of them with your medical physician to make sure you understand the risks, potential complications and consequences of OZONE THERAPY.

  • Bleeding – It is possible, though unusual, to experience a bleeding episode during or after the procedure.Do not take any aspirin or any anti-inflammatory medication for three days before the procedure as this may contribute to a greater risk of bleeding. Inform the Doctor if you are on ANY medications which may increase your risks of bleeding (aspirin, warfarin etc)
  • Bruising – May be evident following injection at the sight of this procedure.
  • Allergic reactions – very rare. If you have reacted to ozone before, please inform us.
  • Interactions with medications – Please inform the Doctor of ALL medications you are on. Of note are blood pressure tablets and blood thinners.
  • Headaches and feelings of “detoxing”
  • Abdominal cramps and discomfort


In some situations, it may not be possible to achieve optimal results with a single procedure or course, or with OZONE THERAPY alone.  Should complications occur, other treatments may be necessary.  Even though risks and complications occur infrequently, the risks sited are the ones that particularly associated with OZONE THERAPY.  The practice of medicine is not an exact science. Although good results are expected, there cannot be any guarantee or warranty expressed or implied on the results that may be obtained.  PLEASE DO NOT STOP OTHER FORMS OF TREATMENT FOR YOUR MEDICAL CONDITIONS, UNLESS DISCUSSED WITH YOUR OZONE DOCTOR, AND ROUTINE DOCTOR.


  • Do not do any strenuous cardiovascular exercise for the day of the injections
  • Ensure you drink 2-3 liters of water on the day of the procedure
  • Call the treating ozone Doctor if you are concerned at all, or if unexpected reactions occur
  • Continue all your routine medications, unless told not to by the treating Doctor