How to use the Microneedling Homecare Roller

The Microneedling therapy facial roller is a durable, high quality precision tool. The barrel and handle are made from lexan polycarbonate resin. The axle is made from polished stainless steel. The needles are made from surgical steel. The needles on your roller are specified at 0.2mm in depth which is designed for home use.

Home Rolling is indicated for management of ageing skin, wrinkles, acne scarring, abnormal pigmentation and stretchmarks.

  • Microneedling therapy home rollers last up to 6 months (If stored and used correctly)
  • Microneedling Therapy Rollers that have been dropped or bumped must be replaced immediately.
  • Never place your home roller on hard surfaces. Sterilise in a glass bowl lined with gauze or a cotton disc at least once a week.
  • After each treatment rinse under hot tap water and allow to dry before covering in protective case.
  • Your home roller is to be kept in its protective casing at all times.
  • Microneedling therapy rollers must not be transferred between clients. Discard rollers after each course of treatment (6 months)
  • Please consult with your therapist before changing products after dermal rolling. Not all products are suitable and may cause severe skin reaction.


  • Before you use your Derma Roller, first ensure that you have cleansed your skin thoroughly with your facial cleanser.
  • Rinse the Derma Roller head under hot running water before using it on your skin. This ensures that the needles are disinfected again just before use.
  • Roll area of concern by passing the roller in a horizontal direction 4-5 times followed by passing the roller in a vertical direction 4-5 times. You can roll in a diagonal direction as well if the area is of particular concern.
  • Ensure to lift the roller between passes, please note dragging the roller on the skin will create lacerations.
  • Apply the recommended treatment serum to the area of concern once completing the rolling process and end with moisturiser.
  • Remember to wash your Derma Roller under hot running water after every treatment session.