Hair loss in women and men is one of the most anxiety producing events….



Our hair goes through stages of growth, stagnation and shedding in natural cycles that last a few months. There are times when the hair loss seems excessive, or when hair is visibly thinned.

Science has taken understanding your hair behaviour to the next level with genetic testing and a tailored treatment package that maximises our ability to keep your hair healthy.

Do you want to get serious about treating your hair loss?
Do it scientifically! No guessing, no hit and miss. Give yourself the best chance of success.


  • Hair loss is a progressive and multifactorial condition, which is related to both endogenous and exogenous factors (diet, anxiety, lack of iron/vitamins/trace elements, medication, etc.).
  • Commonly, endogenous factors are genetic and associated with gene expression. Especially in Androgenetic Alopecia, the main cause of hair loss is inherited, it is related to the genes and their expression.

In other words, there are genes that are transmitted by our ancestors and which predispose to the appearance of hair loss that starts potentially from younger ages


TrichoTest™ is a genetic test based on the ultimate DNA microarray technology and more than 50 published studies support its scientific basis. 48 genes mutations are evaluated in 13 genes that have been scientifically proven to be related to hair loss.

How it works

The Program creates an individualized therapeutic approach to hair loss treatment, based on the patient’s genetic characteristics (determined with the TrichoTest), and extrinsic factors which is obtained through a questionnaire of the patient.

Using an analysis of genetic factors, clinical examination and medical history, it provides a full understanding of the underlying factors of alopecia development. Dr Mel is able to propose a completely individualized treatment by selecting the most effective therapeutic substances, and adjusting of the doses to the metabolism of each patient.

TrichoTest is a once in a lifetime genetic test and is completely painless, as a saliva sample is collected with a cheek swab from the oral cavity. The sample is sent overseas and takes 4-6 weeks for the results to return. A comprehensive report is given which outlines all the factors causing your hair loss, as well as the most effective medications which can be used to treat it.

The TrichoTest will cost you R4000, including the consultation with the Doctor to plan your regimen going forward.

Why do a Genetic Test?

  • It allows the selection of the most effective active substances and their appropriate dosage for the treatment of alopecia, saving time and cost of treatments that you may not respond to
  • Improves the effectiveness of the treatment providing a personalized prescription for each patient
  • It is a non-invasive, reliable, once in a lifetime test
  • It is characterized by reproducibility and efficacy of 99.9% in the genetic determination

Provides insights that can help minimize the risk of interactions between active ingredients in the medications

What will the treatment program entail?

There will be once monthly in-clinic treatments that will feed and stimulate the hair follicles to bring much needed blood and nutrients to the area, helping follicles to grow and remain stronger. The cost of these will be discussed with you during your consultation.

Based on your genetic results, a set of home treatments will be available to you with all the right ingredients, at all the right doses…This may include a wash, conditioner, treatment oil, treatment serum and solution, a foam, cream and maybe oral supplements to boost from inside. These will all be provided for a cost of only R1000 monthly.