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Cosmelan – for all types of pigmentation !!



Professional depigmenting method that removes skin spots and prevents their reappearance for a short-and long-term outcome.

So, it’s time for one of your therapists Lindiwe to sample one of the Centre of Wellness advanced treatments, and report back how it all went…..

Cosmelan is to target and treat Melasma and Pigmentation.

Important Tips – It is important to prep your skin two weeks prior to the Cosmelan treatment. You need to have a good barrier in preparation for the treatment. I did feel that the two weeks took forever as I was really looking forward to starting the treatment and seeing what results were going to be achieved.

before right


after right

At the end of month 2


Day 1 – 15 October 2021

Day of application at 3pm

Today was the application of the Cosmelan 1. The therapist cleansed my skin and applied a thick layer of the Cosmelan mask onto my face. She told me that I was to leave it on for 10 hours before washing it off that night. There was absolutely no pain or discomfort, in fact it felt just like a mud mask.

Ten hours later, I cleansed my face and applied a calming moisturizer. There was no reaction or irritation to the skin and it felt normal and moisturized.

Day 2 -7    16 October 2021

The Day after up until day 7
When I woke up my skin was puffy and felt slightly sensitive, especially in the corner’s of my nose and mouth.

I washed my face with my regular cleanser and applied my moisturizer together with a high potency SPF factor sunblock.

Taking care of my skin during that first day I had to make sure I re-applied the sunblock 3 times throughout the day and did not expose my skin to the sun at all. Wearing a mask during Covid helped a lot!


Day 7

Today I am very excited to start using the Cosmelan 2 cream. I will be applying this cream morning, midday and evening.

Day 9

Today I started peeling. Finally, I am seeing some reaction! My skin felt fragile and reactive, just like a sunburn and today was a day I needed to go watch my son play soccer. I was wondering what people would think when they saw me. I reminded myself that this was a journey that I was taking, to achieve a beautiful result.

Throughout the day I applied lots of sunblock and wore my hat, sunglasses and mask. Making sure I was in the shade and resisting the temptation to pick or peel.


Day 15  

It has been a week now of peeling and using the Cosmelan 2 cream. Wow! When I woke up in the morning my skin blemishes have started to fade and my skin has a brighter complextion. This is a breakthrough; I have a healthy glow.


Day 30

My skin is looking fantastic! I don’t have to wear make-up anymore. It feels extra soft to the touch, pores and lines are refined, which I wasn’t expecting.. BONUS J

It was definitely worth the journey and seeing the transformation of my beautiful skin.