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Active Lifestyles

Permanent makeup allows a person to feel more confident when participating in activities that normally cause conventional makeup to sweat off.

Little or no brow hairpmu1

Thinning brow hair is a sign of aging and gives the illusion of the face dropping. Permanent Cosmetics can be applied to the eyebrow area in such a way that it frames and lifts the face and can give the effect that the eyebrow is lifted.

Thin Lips

Lip Liner and Full Lip Color can make shrinking lips look fuller and detract from lines around an aging mouth. It helps rebuild the rim of the lip giving a smoother edge to the lips.

Little or no lash hair

Eyelash hair also thins with age. Permanent Eyeliner gives eyes the illusion of thicker lashes.

Visual impairment / Contact lenses

As vision diminishes, it is harder for women to apply their eyeliner and brows. It can give them a sense of helplessness. Permanent makeup ensures they always look their best!

Unsteady hands

As people get older their mobility is hindered and it is more difficult to apply makeup in a precise manner. Permanent Cosmetics allow an older woman to feel assured that her makeup looks good and consistent all the time.

Those who just want to look great all of the time without the hassle

Permanent Makeup is often recommended by plastic surgeons because it is the “icing on the cake” after he has performed a brow lift or a full face lift. After non-surgical aesthetic procedures like brow lifting or lip restructuring with Dr Mel, permanent makeup can complete “the look”, giving a youthful definition to fading features. Permanent Makeup services are the perfect completion to the new look of plastic surgery.