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Fake is out...

Lash Lift is in

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Most of us have beautiful lashes but...

They are often dead straight and just not visible. So we mascara them to death and try get that full sexy look. Or then we give in and try eyelash extensions (which cost a bomb, are uncomfortable, and often only last 3 weeks)

So is there a solution?
Yes! Lash Lifting!

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Lash Lifting is a simple and inexpensive treatment that lifts and enhances your natural lashes for up to 8 weeks!

Unlike the old school lash perm, new technology silicone shields and cream based lotions are used to lift and nourish the lashes from the root, creating naturally enhanced and lifted lashes.

Lash Lifting is an ideal treatment for those that do not want the maintenance and upkeep of lash extensions, and would prefer a more natural look.

The treatment takes just 1hour, and costs R550.
Include a lash tint to boost the look (R50 extra)

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